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Not only a virtual guide to discover local activities and points of interest, but also a dynamic platform for researching and participating in events. Users can receive exclusive promotions and paid push messages, earning for interacting with merchants’ content.

Discover, Explore, Participate: The Interactive Guide for Citizens, Visitors and Public Bodies

Reload Virtual Guide is a valuable ally not only for citizens and tourists, but also for public bodies that aim to enhance and promote the territory in an innovative and eco-sustainable way.

This digital platform provides an immersive and informative experience, facilitating the discovery of points of interest, local events and personalized promotions.

Enhancement of the Territory and Environmental Sustainability:

Interactive Discovery:

Whether you're a local looking for new experiences or a tourist exploring, Reload Virtual Guide opens the door to a world of discovery. Points of interest, restaurants, shops, events and more are all easily navigated and discovered.

Customized Promotions:

Local merchants can use the Reload Virtual Guide to send promotions and special offers, creating a direct connection with their audience. Users, receiving these offers, not only discover new products and services, but are also rewarded for their interest.

Participation in Events:

With Reload Virtual Guide, staying up to date on local events is easy. From concerts to art shows, sporting events to local fairs, users always have an up-to-date calendar of what's happening around them.

Rewarding Push Notifications:

A unique aspect of the Reload Virtual Guide is the innovative push notification system. Users receive notifications about events and offers, and are rewarded just for checking them out, encouraging active participation and ongoing engagement.

Smart Tourism Promotion:

Public bodies can use the Reload Virtual Guide to highlight the beauty and peculiarities of the territory. Through the platform, it is possible to guide visitors to cultural, historical and naturalistic attractions, offering them an enriched and well-organized tourist experience.

Savings and Eco-Sustainability:

With the Reload Virtual Guide, public bodies can significantly reduce the need for printed materials such as flyers and brochures. This not only leads to significant cost savings, but also helps reduce the ecological footprint of tourism promotion activities.

Visitor Interaction and Engagement:

The platform allows you to create a direct dialogue with visitors, offering real-time information, personalized advice and updates on local events, increasing engagement and interest in the area.

Innovative Features of Reload Virtual Guide:

The Reload Virtual Guide is much more than a simple digital tourist guide. It is an innovative tool that revolutionizes the way in which public bodies, citizens and tourists interact with the territory, combining discovery, learning and fun in a single eco-sustainable solution. With the Reload Virtual Guide, the promotion of the territory becomes a dynamic, interactive and environmentally friendly experience, opening new paths for conscious and engaging tourism.